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In the enchanting medieval scenery of San Marco dei Cavoti, a village founded in 1300 by settlers coming from Provence, Fiorelli Family carefully selects the best raw materials in order to create confectionery products of absolute quality and fine pleasantneß signed by La Provenzale. It also respects old recipes and artisan methods.
The current production of La provenzale is broken down into multiple references that accurately respects five important rules:

Severe selection of raw materials
The Belgian chocolate (first choice) doesn't contain traces of hydrogenated fats, animal, vegetal poor quality fats different from the cocoa butter. The white chocolate, when used, doesn't contain a percentage of cocoa  lower  than the 70%.
The nuts are only the Fine Tondi Giffoni PGI(protected geographic indication), unique and unmistakable, the ideal choice in the high- quality confectionary.  Honey ,as nuts, is found in the local territory and it is produced by an artisan only for La Provenzale. It is the case of comb honey , with an elegant but lasting taste. The Apulian almond is considered better than the other because  of its low coefficient of acidity.

The internal dough of our creations is rolled out by hands with a rolling pin as in the ultra-centenarians tradition. Every use of preservatives is excluded in the working process. One of the result of the artisan production is the non-uniformity  of our products in the shape, that is not standardized, and in the weight.

Although the recipes are not old and typically local, our products are not only the result of experience and tradition but they are also the fuit of a personal taste. This adds individuality and personality to or creations that let them be unique.

Service and freshness 
In order to guarantee the maximum freshness of our products to the customer, we send only by expreß delivery and in very small batches .

Exclusivity of customers
Our products are only available in specialized stores like wine bars, restaurants, four and five stars hotels and in the business class of different Airlines companies.
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La Provenzale s.r.l. Via Garibaldi, 70 - 82029 San Marco dei Cavoti BENEVENTO - Italy P.Iva 00 841 850 621
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